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“The Empirics Lab offers a fantastic service to students who need a little help with their statistics (and who doesn’t!). The meeting with Thilo Klein helped me to think clearly and logically about what I needed to do with my data and offered an excellent supplementary set of advice to supervisors who are not always available. You need to book in advance sometimes, so plan ahead!” – Joe Gladstone, MPhil in Innovation, Strategy, and Organisation, University of Cambridge, Cambridge/UK

“Advice at the empirics clinic was fantastic. I came with a set of questions on modeling and set-up of my research design, and left with a clear idea of the next steps. Help was precise, detailed and tailored exactly to what I needed. It was extremely helpful for my empirical PhD chapter to get support from the empirics clinic.” – Nicole Janz, Ph.D. Candidate, Politics and International Studies, University of Cambridge, Cambridge/UK

“The sessions with Thilo Klein helped me to think about possible empirical pitfalls in my data I have not thought about before. The Empirics Clinic is an institution every leading university should offer in order to provide reliable and valid methodical research. The CJBS team’s wide knowledge about various statistical techniques stands for the high quality of its Ph.D. programme.” – Christina Dietz, Ph.D. Candidate, Strategic Management, Free University of Berlin, Berlin/Germany

“I’m a visiting Ph.D. student at JBS. While I’m studying here, I’m conducting research on behavioral factors of new vendor decisions with limited demand information. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to discuss it with and learn from Michael Freeman of empirical clinic at JBS. His comments and suggestions provided me efficient help and fantastic inspirations. Thanks a lot :)” – Zhao Yingshuai 赵英帅, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Industrial Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing/China

“I found the empirics clinic session with Thilo Klein very useful for identifying the potential research methodologies specific to my thesis question.” – Asha Jomis, MPhil Technology Policy, University of Cambridge, Cambridge/UK

“The Empirics Clinic is a great way to question and refine your approach to data analysis. Advisers are specialized in different statistical techniques, which clearly shows in the quality of their advice.” – Raphael Silberzahn, Ph.D. Candidate, Organizational Behaviour, Cambridge Judge Business School, Cambridge/UK

“I went to the Empirics Clinic with an idea about what research methods I should employ, but my session with Michael Freeman helped me to gain more insight into the core part of my project, whilst also opening up other avenues for investigation. I’d recommend making an appointment as soon as you have a research project defined.” – Matt Rooney, MPhil Technology Policy, University of Cambridge, Cambridge/UK

“The Empirics Clinic is a wonderful institution for all PhD and master’s students wishing to ask specific questions about research methods related to their own projects. It is a great opportunity to advance your own skills or to help remember some methods that have been learned some time ago.” – Hanna Nari Kahle, Ph.D. Candidate, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Group, WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management, Vallendar/Germany

“I am working on my MPhil dissertation but do not have solid experience in quantitative research and programming. The Empirics Clinic sessions were a great opportunity to consult those experienced in my methodology, data and specific programming questions. Thilo Klein provided me with new insights into my research topic and made very useful follow-up suggestions – much appreciated!” – Lishan Du, MPhil in Finance, University of Cambridge, Cambridge/UK

“I am conducting research on the effects of environmental and social factors on corporate valuation. I was very fortunate to have found the Empirics Lab, specifically Michael Freeman, as his deep understanding of empirical methods was invaluable in the development of my research model. Michael was also extremely helpful in troubleshooting the numerous issues along the way. I would highly recommend the empirics consulting services to students in need of a sounding board or subject matter expertise on empirical research.” – Andrew Jacobs van Merlen, MSt in Sustainability Leadership, University of Cambridge, Cambridge/UK

“My research leaped forward with the extraordinary volunteer help of the Empirics Lab and Blaine Landis, whose hands-on training with SPSS helped me visualize my data and tease out some important correlations.” – Jim Krane, Ph.D. Candidate, Electricity Policy Research Group, Cambridge Judge Business School, Cambridge/UK

“My session was extremely helpful! I managed to discuss my own ideas and received great feedback. I am looking forward to one or two more sessions in the new academic year once I have more data for further analyses. A big thank you to the advising team of Empirics Lab!!” – Elaine Oon, Ph.D. Candidate, Marketing, University of Cambridge, Cambridge/UK

“The Empirics Lab helped to guide me through my research project: from first ideas about the data collection to the discussion of the final results. My supervisor and I are now even talking about developing my research towards a publication. So, truly, thank you! I hope many more students can benefit from this fantastic service.” – Marlen de la Chaux, MPhil in Innovation, Strategy, and Organisation, University of Cambridge, Cambridge/UK

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