Replication Lab

Joint course with Paul Kattuman.


The objective of the replication lab is to build a community of applied econometrics researchers, through the hands-on and collaborative process of replicating interesting published research that uses econometric techniques, in the substantive areas of interest to the School.

For each research paper, an advanced PhD student takes the lead in clarifying the approach taken in analysis, and in gaining access to original data and eventually taking a lead in the session around replicating that paper.

The primary objective of the lab is the exact replication of published results. The secondary objective of the workshop is to discuss possible extensions of the paper. There is always hope that a student will identify a crucial error - as in the recent case where Reinhart and Rogoff’s results on economic growth and debt was overturned by the PhD student Thomas Herndon in a replication study.

Course material

Presenters Papers
Jarrod Vassallo Bertrand, Karlan, Mullainathan, Shafir and Zinman (2010). What's Advertising Content Worth? Evidence from a Consumer Credit Marketing Field Experiment. Quarterly Journal of Economics, 125(1):263-305. [Paper; Web appendix; Data]

Magda Hassan de Mel, McKenzie and Woodruff (2008). Returns to Capital in Microenterprises: Evidence from a Field Experiment. Quarterly Journal of Economics, 123(4):1329-1372. [Paper; Data]

Christoph Weiss Scholtens and Dam (2007). Banking on the Equator. Are Banks that Adopted the Equator Principles Different from Non-Adopters? World Development, 35(8):1307-1328.

Elaine Oon Dastidar (2009). International corporate diversification and performance: Does firm self-selection matter? Journal of International Business Studies, 40:71-85.

Thilo Klein Ahlin and Townsend (2007). Using Repayment Data to Test Across Models of Joint Liability Lending. The Economic Journal, 117(517):F11-F51. [Paper; Data]


21 Oct, 4 Nov, 18 Nov, 2 Dec, all 4:15-6:15pm @ CJBS Computer Lab