Global Aid Flows

Visualising aid flows on development data

As the global development community promotes the concept of a Data Revolution, we are once again taking stock of what resources are being directed to statistical systems.

In the most recent OECD Statistics Newsletter (Issue 65), we are summarising the state of play on measuring support to statistics in developing countries. Based on previous rounds of the PARIS21 Partner Report on Support to Statistics (PRESS), we find that official support to statistics remained relatively low, comprising a mere 0.25% of Official Development Assistance.

The circular plot below maps international aid flows on technical and financial support to statistical development. Explore aid flows on support to statistics between and within regions/donors for two-year periods, 2006 to 2013. Click on a region/donor to discover the flows country-by-country.

How to read the plot
  • Origins and destinations are represented by the circle’s segments.
  • Each region/donor is assigned a colour.
  • Flows have the same colour as their origin and the width indicates their size.
  • The direction of the flow is also shown by the gap between flow and region/donor: small gap indicates donor; large gap indicates recipient. 
  • Click on a segment to switch between country and region view.
  • Switch between time periods using the tabs in the timeline; reset the plot using Ctrl and r; zoom in/out with Ctrl and +/-
About the data

The data is based on the PRESS, an annual reporting exercise conducted by PARIS21. The aid commitments are based on the OECD’s Creditor Reporting System (CRS) and supplemented by voluntary reporting from donors not reporting to the CRS. Commitments are in USD and thus comparable across countries.

About the plot

The circular plot shows the estimates of directional flows between all donors that recorded at least 4 commitments and all recipients with at least 9 commitments over the 8 year time period, 2006 to 2013. The window that pops up when hovering over the plot indicates the value of committed (total out) and received (total in) aid over the two-year period. The plot was implemented using the open-source D3.js software.

The full article is available in Issue 65 of the OECD Statistics Newsletter.


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